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TSTL Syndrome or what the hell is wrong with heroines?

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This has probably been going on for a while, and I’ve been oblivious to the fact because I’ve been busy writing and/or reading books that were written half a century ago. I was craving a little variety, so I deviated from the fancy list of “Books I should read” to look for something light, and, somewhat fun. I’ve found real gems before while looking for a change, so I was quite confident I could find something I liked.
Maybe I should just go back to the same books, because right now, I feel like not even brain bleach could wipe out the apparently growing trend of the rather shallow/useless/anything but strong heroine. Sure, there have been good heroines and bad heroines for a long, long time, and I won’t even claim that I only read good books, because I’ve been known to read a book just for the LULZ, but I’m guessing we can blame Bella Swan (or Stephenie Meyer) for the current trend of TSTL heroines.

TSTL = too stupid to live.

Once upon a time I read the Hunger Games, and though I really, really liked the books, I found Katniss a bit hard to swallow at times. She was especially brave, and she never needed a guy to save her, but she didn’t know her own heart, and the whole romantic back and forth made me want to strangle her.

Today, I’m starting to appreciate Katniss more and more. At least she didn’t lie there, waiting for a guy (any guy), to save her. I’m not even asking for the heroine to WIN, she can fail miserably, but I, at the very least, expect her to …you know, TRY. Show a little original thinking. Don’t just sit there while the “hero” (and I use this term loosely. Heroines are becoming stupid and heroes are becoming possessive, violent, and, in some cases, almost abusive) comes to save the day. 

Oh, the times where YA heroines were modeled after Hermione Granger. How I miss those times. Hermione, who never needed anyone to save her. Hermione, who, often, had all the answers. And so many before here, in all those books I thought I needed a break from. 

Maybe I shouldn’t take breaks. Or, perhaps, I should resign myself to the age of TSTL heroines, and hope like hell it ends soon. But every time I pick up one of these books, I can’t help but think of those girls who are reading these books and didn’t get to see an example of real heroines, didn’t get to root for a real hero. And I keep thinking …maybe they think life is supposed to be this way. Maybe they will walk away liking it. And, maybe, maybe …they will go on to keep writing it, and this will never, ever pass.

God, I hope not. Just the thought makes me want to puke. 

What am I to do? Not much. Keep on reading. Rejoice every time I find a good heroine. Recommend the book to everyone. Pay really close attention to what I write. And, above all, keep complaining about the TSTL trend, even if people want to make a feminist out of me just because of it. 

I don’t think that word is an insult. I never have.

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