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5 things I hated about Super Bowl Sunday

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I bet this post won’t be like anything you’re expecting. I’m a girl (yes, I’m sure of it), so I guess you’ll expect some talk about the commercials, the Half-Time show and/or the food I ate during the game. Or, maybe (God forbid), I should be talking about Joe Flacco, and how he’s so dreamy and all that crap. (But, honestly have you seen the guy? He’s not even that handsome).

Well, if you are, I’m sorry to disappoint. I’m the wrong kind of girl for that. Really, I am. I was not wired that way. Sure, I enjoyed the few commercials I did see, and Beyonce rocked the Half-Time show, but I wanted to watch the game. Yes, the game. I wanted to have conversations about what kind of coverage the Ravens would use against Kaepernick, one of those running QBs people talk so much about lately. I wanted to talk football. 

And, on that note, here are the five things I hated about Super Bowl Sunday (I did love some things, though. Maybe that deserves another post):
  1. A Super Bowl without my team. Yeah, it was a good game. But I wasn’t an emotional wreck. I wasn’t crying, screaming or yelling at the TV. I wasn’t worried. I knew the players, I knew the coaches, I even know a little about the history…but I wasn’t really invested. I didn’t care who won or lost. My team was not around. And there’s nothing like a Super Bowl when your team is involved.
  2. Being forced to listen to 30-minutes of fill-in from the analyst because the lights decided to go out. And I thank the LORD that I wasn’t forced to listen to it in Spanish. The FOX analysts in Spanish are the worst thing in the history of sports. Don’t get me started about ESPN in Spanish. Oh, no. Even with the right analysts, though, thirty minutes is a little too long to have to listen to anyone not say anything relevant.
  3. Ray Lewis. Sob story and all, I think people make Ray Lewis out to be a hero, and I’m not sure he really is. It’s funny how we tend to forgive our athletes. Ben Roethlisberger and those girls he supposedly raped? He won a Super Bowl, so he’s forgiven. Ray Lewis might have killed two people, or, at least, he knows more than he’s telling, but he’s all about God now, and he is retiring …so let’s root for him to win a Super Bowl. Eh, no, thanks. I don’t go for that.
  4. Being told that Super Bowl weekend is for guys. Women get the chips and the salsa. Make sure the beer is cold. Or, if you want, you can be a cheerleader, honey. You’re not required to have an opinion on the actual game, at least not one based on actual football-related reasons. Pick a team based on a guy you think is HOT, and then “cheer” for them by looking at the TV once every five minutes. Guys may say women who like sports are brilliant, but, deep down, they all seem to want a woman who PRETENDS to like sports. That way, they can still look smarter. 
  5. That the NFL season is over. Sure, my team lost a couple of weeks ago, but there were still games to be played. Now it’s a whole lot of nothing for a months and months. There’s no baseball till April. February is just …one of those months. I’ve never been a fan. I like choices. Being able to watch more than one sport. I like September. Yeah. September is the perfect sports month. A little bit of everything.
I guess now it’s time to take a vacation, or something. A vacation, yeah. Sounds about right.

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  2. I don't like what you say.

    Women should serve their men food during sporting events.

    That is why the world has so many problems today.


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