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Hogwarts will always be there (to welcome you home)

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Funny how I always seem to come back to Harry Potter. I think it’s because I found myself as a reader AND as a writer thanks to Harry, or, should I say, thanks to J.K Rowling. As a reader, because there was a lot of time in between books for conjectures and for discussing hidden clues and author intent, and as a writer, because, thanks to the HP fandom and the people I met while I was part of it (it feels like a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away), I was first introduced to the wonderful notion that hey, maybe I COULD do this. Maybe it was possible.

It’s been a long time. I’ve grown up (mostly). I’ve written (a whole lot). I’ve lost contact with most of the people I discussed the Harry/Ginny dynamic with (though, thankfully, not all of them. The important ones remain). And yet, walking into Diagon Alley, and then, later, into Hogsmeade, in a recent trip to Universal, I felt fifteen again, reading Harry Potter for the first time. I remembered midnight lines, dressing up and meeting up people I’d only talked to online to go wait on more lines and see a movie. I remembered the magic, and the awe, and that final chapter, the culmination of ten years of writing for an author, and of waiting, for its fans. And once again, I thought, let me write something like this. Something this wonderful, and complex, and …life-changing.

Perhaps I never will. Maybe I’m asking too much of the universe. Harry Potter has already given me more than one person should ask for. But more than all those things I’ve mentioned above, it’s given me lessons. Life lessons, yes, but also writing lessons. Plan ahead. Don’t yield to other people’s opinions, also. These are your characters, and no one knows them better than you. Take as much time as the story needs. And, above all those keep writing, even when you are at your lowest, even when things look bad, even when there’s nothing to be gained by it. Keep writing because that’s who you are. It’s what you do.

You write.              
And, if you’re like me, you also plan a return trip to Hogwarts, this time, with those people who’d appreciate it just as much. Lessons are fun, and exploring is also fun, but there’s nothing quite like geeking out with people who understand what every little thing means, and how hard it was to get to that point.

So, Hogwarts next year? The butterbeer is on me. 

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