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Happy birthday, Harry Potter!

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Today is Harry Potter’s 33rd birthday (according to us Muggles on the internet). In a way, it seems strange that he’s turning 33, because, to me, it seems like Harry and I grew up together. I was about 12 years old when the first book came out, and though I didn’t read it right away, to me, as Harry grew up, made friends, found love, and ultimately, triumphed against evil, I was doing the exact same thing. Well, minus the triumphing against evil. That’s a tricky one.

I owe a lot to Harry. It seems strange, to feel a debt of gratitude to a fictional character, I know. But I owe a lot to Harry (and, to JK Rowling). Thanks to Harry, I found the Internet. I’m guessing I would have found it anyway, it was already there and it’s one of those things where you’ll end up knee deep in it, no matter what, but, it was Harry who first led me there. Harry who made me wonder about when the next book was coming out. Harry who first made me test my now iron-clad theory about Google being your friend.

All Harry.

It was also Harry who, after what seemed like centuries of waiting (Funny how, right now, it almost seems like we didn’t wait that long. George R.R Martin takes longer to even think of a name for his next book), pushed me towards writing. I’d always wanted to write. I’d tried, in school, scribbles over here, short stories over there, but never before had I actually sat down to plan anything. Never before had I wondered what words like POV, and passive voice, and, gasp, plot, actually meant.

So, yes, it was Harry. Harry who pushed me towards writing. Harry who pushed me towards reading more. Harry who gifted me with wonderful friends I would have never met anywhere else, friends from all over the world, strange people who you’d never think would agree on anything, and yet, six years after the book came out, still come up with excuses to get together.

Friends who, to this day, still write together, still laugh together.

Today is July 31st. And, so, today, I say: Happy birthday, Harry. Harry birthday, J.K Rowling. And thank you. 

Thank you.

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