martes, 18 de junio de 2013

You say weird, I say ORIGINAL

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We’re all different. That’s not exactly ground-breaking news. Life would be boring if we weren’t. We like different things. We don’t believe in the same stuff. Behavior is usually as dissimilar as it can be. That’s just the way it is. It’s the way it should be, also. 

And, we all have our little quirks. They might be silly things, but they’re truly important to us. It’s part of what makes us who we are. Me, for example? I like to drink tea. Straight. No sugar. No milk. Nothing. Just tea. Green tea, if possible. I drink 3-4 cups a day (and they’re large cups, trust me. My mug is legendary around my office). I don’t do it to lose weight, I don’t do it for the caffeine. I do it because I got used to it when I lived in colder climates, and now I just can’t seem to stop.

I also take the strawberries out of the Special K with strawberries.  I’ve been told I should just buy the normal Special K, but I swear, it doesn’t taste the same. So I take the strawberries out. Every last one of them.

Have I mentioned I love strawberries? And blueberries, and raspberries, and honestly, most fruits. I just don’t like them in my cereal.

Ultimate comfort food? Vanilla ice cream and French fries. Don’t ask me why, don’t ask me how, but I swear, it works. At least, it works for me. 

And, just so you don’t think all my weird habits have to do with food: I hate it when my purse and shoes match. Truly. I hate it. Can’t go out of the house like that. I also can’t go to bed if there’s something in my room that’s not in the exactly place I like to keep it. I’m not saying everything had to be in perfect order, I’m just saying things need to be where I like them. My sneakers beside the mirror, so I can put them on even if I’m too asleep to think, a glass of water by my bedside table, the laptop securely stowed in its bag.

Finally, there’s this: I like to write in complete silence. Music bothers me, people bothers me, even the sound of my own breathing bothers me, sometimes. When I’m writing, I’m writing. Nothing more. Nothing else.

So, any weird habits you want to share?

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